William Rockwell Rocky Wirtz

November 5, 1952

70 Year(s)

July 25, 2023



A Pillar of Chicago, Guardian of the Ice. His legacy, vast as the lake, will remain undiminished.


William Rockwell "Rocky" Wirtz, affectionately known throughout Chicago and the hockey world as "Rocky", passed away on July 25, 2023. Born in 1953, he hailed from a lineage intrinsically linked with Chicago sports and business. Rocky stood as a beacon of change, stewardship, and innovation for one of the most storied franchises in the National Hockey League - the Chicago Blackhawks.

Inheriting the team's reins in 2007, Rocky’s impact was transformative. Under previous leadership, the Blackhawks had faced dwindling fan interest and limited television exposure. However, with an acute understanding of the evolving media landscape and the importance of fan engagement, Rocky moved swiftly to broker television deals that saw Blackhawks' games televised locally, re-energizing a latent fan base. His decisions not only reinvigorated the team's presence in the Windy City but also laid the foundation for the franchise's renaissance.

During Rocky's tenure, the Chicago Blackhawks experienced a resurgence that culminated in three Stanley Cup victories in 2010, 2013, and 2015. This era of dominance was not merely a testament to the talent on the ice but also a reflection of Rocky's leadership off it. He was instrumental in rebranding the team, improving the fan experience, and most crucially, building a culture that valued both past legends and future stars.

Beyond the hockey rink, Rocky was an astute businessman, leading the Wirtz Corporation and expanding its horizons into real estate, banking, and more. The Wirtz family's involvement in the distribution of spirits, wines, and beverages is legendary, and Rocky's stewardship ensured the family legacy continued to flourish.

But Rocky's influence wasn't confined to boardrooms and hockey arenas. He was an active philanthropist, supporting numerous charitable causes in and around Chicago. His dedication to the community was unwavering, and his efforts will continue to positively impact countless lives for generations to come.

Rocky's death marks the end of an era, but his indelible mark on the Chicago Blackhawks, the business world, and the greater Chicago community ensures his legacy will be felt for decades to come. His vision, leadership, and dedication to excellence have left an indomitable mark, setting a precedent for future generations to aspire to.

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