Terry Robert Kirkman

December 12, 1939

83 Year(s)

September 23, 2023



A melody in our hearts, a harmonious spirit in the chorus of life. Composer of timeless classics, his music echoes in eternity, and his legacy dances in the whispering winds.


Terry Kirkman is an American musician, born on December 12, 1939, in Salina, Kansas. He is best known for being a member of the popular 1960s folk-rock band, The Association. With a background in choral music and experience playing various wind instruments, Kirkman brought a unique musical perspective to the group.

Terry Kirkman's involvement with The Association led to the creation of several hit songs during the 1960s. He was instrumental in producing timeless classics like "Never My Love," "Cherish," and "Windy," which have since been widely recognized and covered by many artists. These songs contributed to the defining sound of The Association, characterized by intricate harmonies and lush arrangements.

Kirkman’s work with The Association was influential in the evolution of folk-rock music during a period of significant musical innovation and exploration. He played a vital role in blending harmonies and crafting arrangements that set the band apart from their contemporaries. The band enjoyed considerable success, with multiple chart-topping hits and critical acclaim, contributing to the soundtrack of a generation.

Aside from his work with The Association, Terry Kirkman has also been involved in various other musical projects and collaborations. He has shared his musical expertise and experiences through teaching, mentoring, and working with other artists in the industry.

Terry Kirkman’s contributions to the music world have had a lasting impact, with his work continuing to be appreciated by fans of all ages. His role in The Association has secured him a place in the history of American music, and his influence is still felt in the folk-rock genre.

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