Robbie Robertson

July 5, 1943

80 Year(s)

August 9, 2023



In memory of Robbie Robertson, a cherished soul who touched our hearts. Your spirit will forever illuminate our lives, dear friend. Rest in eternal peace.


Jaime Royal "Robbie" Robertson, born on July 5, 1943, was a Canadian musician, songwriter, and producer who rose to international fame as the lead guitarist and songwriter for The Band. He embarked on a successful solo career following The Band's breakup in 1976.

Robbie's musical talent was evident from a young age, heavily influenced by his Mohawk and Cayuga descent. His innovative approach to guitar and unique blend of rock and Americana made him one of the most influential musicians of his time.

Collaborating with artists like Bob Dylan, Robertson's lyrics and compositions were often poetic and deeply reflective. His music transcended genres and inspired countless musicians across the globe.

Robertson's work in film was equally impactful, as he composed scores for celebrated directors such as Martin Scorsese. He authored an autobiography, "Testimony," which provided an intimate look into his life and career.

On August 9, 2023, the world said goodbye to this iconic musician. Robbie Robertson's legacy continues to resonate, his strings forever echoing tales of humanity, culture, and the power of music.

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