August 7, 2010

12 Year(s)

March 22, 2023



Til we meet again, my precious
Shmee shmee,
Baba ganoush,
And of course, Milo


It is with profound sadness that I announce the passing of Milo. 


On March.22, 2023 at around 3:15pm, with John and I by her side, Milo took her last breaths while snuggled cozy in her bed and blankets, and surrounded by all her favourite toys. 


Milo spent her last day having burgers for lunch, cuddles with Star, a walk at gage park, chicken treats, and a car ride. She had more treats at the vet while doing some tricks, she loved that. She was so brave and calm that day. 


Anyone who was lucky enough to know Milo knows she’s the sweetest little girl. She loved cuddling and being the centre of attention. Sometimes referred to as "the turkey" or "the potato", she was quick to expose her belly and could always figure out which humans gave the best rubs. She was very smart and knew a long list of tricks. “Circle” and “speak” were big favourites, and although she could play dead, she didn’t do it very well because her wagging tail would give her away. She loved her little stuffed puppy and burying bones in her blankets. She really loved the humans in her life, and would light up with excitement when she reconnected with a familiar face. Most of all, I think she loved following me everywhere, there are few moments when Milo wasn’t at my feet looking up at me with love and curiosity. I miss it so much already. 


On December.22, 2022 she was diagnosed with lymphoma and I was told she had 1-2 months left. This news was heart breaking and I didn’t want to believe it. She held on for 3 months, we had the winter and I am so grateful. She has helped me through so many of life’s challenges and has been by my side in my darkest of times. Even in her final months she was by my side as I took my first steps post spinal surgery. And she kept me company during the boring days. Our bond is one that is not easy to describe, and her absence is deeply felt. 


I am eternally grateful to have had Milo, she has been my companion, my family, my everyday since she came into my life at 4 months. She would’ve been 13 this summer and I am so sad she is gone. I am seeking solace in the fact she went peacefully and that we had the best life together. 


I love her so much, may she rest in peace <3

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