Mark Margolis

November 26, 1939

83 Year(s)

August 3, 2023



A Master of Craft, A Legend of Screen. His spirit will forever dance among the stars


Mark Margolis, an immensely gifted actor, was known for his ability to delve into the deepest corners of human emotion. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1939, he discovered the magical world of acting during his formative years and decided to dedicate his life to this craft.

His career spanned over six decades, touching stages in New York and screens both big and small. Though he took on numerous roles in his lifetime, he became most renowned for his collaborations with Darren Aronofsky, particularly in films like "Pi" and "Requiem for a Dream." To many, however, he will forever be remembered as Hector Salamanca from the acclaimed television series "Breaking Bad." With minimal dialogue, his portrayal of Hector was a testament to his unique ability to convey intense emotion with just a look or a gesture.

While his accolades and memorable roles are a testament to his skills, those who worked with him also often recalled his incredible dedication, humility, and generosity. Mark was not only a craftsman on screen but also a mentor and friend off it. He continuously provided guidance and encouragement to younger artists, always believing in the power of storytelling and the importance of authenticity.

Mark's passing on August 3, 2023, is undoubtedly a significant loss to the world of entertainment. However, his legacy remains through the characters he brought to life, the performances he delivered, and the inspiration he instilled in countless individuals both within and outside the industry.

He is survived by his loving family and an army of fans and fellow actors who will forever cherish the memories and lessons he bestowed upon them. The world may have lost Mark Margolis, but the stories and memories he left behind ensure that he will never be forgotten.

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