John Blackman

July 14, 1947

76 Year(s)

June 4, 2024



A voice of warmth, a heart full of laughter


John Blackman, born on July 14, 1947, in Melbourne, Victoria, was an iconic Australian radio and television presenter well-known for his distinctive voice and witty humor. For many Australians, John was a daily presence in their lives, particularly as the voice-over artist for the popular TV show "Hey Hey It’s Saturday," where he served from 1971 until the show's end in 1999 and during its brief return in 2009-2010.

Starting his career in radio in the late 1960s, John quickly became a fan favorite due to his quick wit and impeccable comedic timing. His ability to give life to off-the-cuff remarks and scripted lines alike made him a beloved figure in Australian entertainment. Beyond his extensive work on "Hey Hey It’s Saturday," John contributed to various other television and radio programs, bringing joy and laughter to audiences across the nation. 

John’s career was marked by his commitment to entertaining and engaging with his audience, traits that earned him numerous accolades and a special place in the hearts of many. His influence extends beyond the airwaves through his several books and voice work in advertisements, showing his versatility and enduring appeal. 

John passed away surrounded by family and friends, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and a vast archive of work that continues to bring smiles to faces long after his voice has fallen silent. He is survived by his family, who remember him as much for his role as a loving father and husband as for his public persona of a jovial entertainer. John Blackman's contribution to Australian media will not be forgotten, as he remains dearly missed by fans and colleagues alike.

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