Edward Francis Bressoud

May 02, 1932

91 years

Jul 18, 2023



A Star on the Field, A Gentleman Off It. Champion of the World Series, Champion of Our Hearts.


From the baseball diamonds of New York to the iconic Fenway Park in Boston, Edward Francis Bressoud, affectionately known to fans as "Eddie," left an indelible mark on Major League Baseball. Born in 1932, Eddie's journey in professional baseball began with the New York Giants in 1956, transitioning with them as they became the San Francisco Giants. His skill, dedication, and leadership were evident throughout his career as he showcased his prowess at shortstop.

Bressoud's tenure with the Boston Red Sox between 1962 and 1965 was particularly notable. During this period, he earned his spot in the MLB All-Star game in 1964, a testament to his incredible talent and work ethic. Later, his time with the New York Mets and eventually the St. Louis Cardinals further solidified his reputation in the league. Notably, Eddie was part of the triumphant Cardinals team that clinched the World Series title in 1967.

Off the field, Eddie was known for his humility, kindness, and passion for the sport. He mentored many young players, leaving behind not just records but also a legacy of sportsmanship and dedication. He retired from professional baseball after an illustrious 11-year career

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