David LEBO Le Batard

November 19, 1972

50 Year(s)

August 1, 2023



A Beacon of Color, Spirit, and Soul. His art told stories that words could never convey. In lines and shades, he found infinity.


David Le Batard, affectionately known to many as "Lebo," was born into a world filled with color, life, and stories that deeply resonated within him. Growing up in a rich Cuban-American culture, he was imbued with a vivid palette of experiences and emotions that found expression in his art.

From the heart of Miami, Lebo emerged as a leading figure in the contemporary art scene, creating a distinct post-modern cartoon expressionism that bridged various artistic genres. Throughout his career, his art was a vibrant mix of old-world symbolism and modern design, drawing inspiration from a vast array of influences ranging from music and literature to his Cuban roots.

He was not only an artist but also a storyteller, with each piece encapsulating a narrative, a thought, or a dream. Lebo believed in the transformative power of art and the ability of visuals to communicate complex emotions and messages.

Beyond the canvas, he was a cherished son, brother, and mentor to many emerging artists. His collaborations with musicians, athletes, and other cultural figures shed light on his versatility and the universal appeal of his works.

Le Batard died on 1 August 2023 after a yearlong undisclosed illness.. Lebo's sudden passing left a void in the art community, but his legacy is far from dimmed. His pieces continue to inspire, and his philosophy serves as a beacon for future generations. David 'Lebo' Le Batard's life might have been brief, but the strokes of his genius are timeless.

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