Christopher Gerald Bart-Williams

June 16, 1974

49 Year(s)

July 24, 2023



A life lived with passion, dedication, and grace on and off the pitch. A beacon for all who aspired to greatness.


Chris Bart-Williams, born on 2 June 1974 in Sierra Leone, was a footballer who made significant contributions to the sport during his professional career. With his untimely passing on July 24, 2023, the football world lost a true gem.

Bart-Williams began his career at Leyton Orient, showing promise from the very beginning. It was here that he demonstrated his midfield mastery, offering a combination of technique, vision, and work rate. By the age of 18, Chris was already catching the eye of bigger clubs, leading to his move to Sheffield Wednesday in 1991. With the Owls, he would grow into his own, becoming a key figure for the team over six seasons.

In 1998, Chris transferred to Nottingham Forest. His dedication and passion for the game only grew stronger, leading him to make over 150 appearances for the club. Throughout his time with Forest, Bart-Williams showcased his versatility, sometimes even filling in as a defender or striker when needed. His powerful and precise free-kicks became a trademark, making him a significant threat during set-pieces.

Later in his career, Bart-Williams had stints at Charlton Athletic, Ipswich Town, and a few other clubs before retiring from professional football. His dedication to the sport, however, never waned. After hanging up his boots, he turned to coaching, mentoring the next generation of footballers with the same dedication and passion he had shown on the pitch.

Off the pitch, Bart-Williams was known for his kindness, humility, and commitment to making a difference. He was deeply involved in charitable initiatives, especially those connected to Sierra Leone, his place of birth. Chris worked tirelessly to use his platform and resources to give back to communities, support young talent, and promote the importance of education.

In his personal life, Chris was a devoted family man, with loved ones frequently highlighting his unwavering dedication to his family's well-being and happiness.

His passing in 2023 leaves a void in the world of football and beyond. Chris Bart-Williams will be remembered not just for his outstanding skills and contributions on the pitch but also for his impact in the lives of countless individuals off it. He was a role model, a mentor, and a beacon of hope for many. His legacy, undoubtedly, will live on for generations to come.

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