Charles Fitzgerald Robison

September 1, 1964

59 Year(s)

September 10, 2023



A poet of the plains, a voice of Texas. His melody carries on in the gentle southern wind


Charlie Robison, a renowned singer-songwriter, breathed his last on September 10, 2023, leaving behind a rich legacy that spanned decades. Born on September 1, 1964, in Houston, Texas, he carved a name for himself in the country and Texas country scenes. Charlie wasn't just a musician; he was a storyteller whose compelling narrative lyricism was unparalleled in his time. His journey began in the hushed corners of the lone star state and eventually echoed in the hearts of people across the nation.

Raised in Bandera, Texas, a small town steeped in cowboy culture and a rich tapestry of community stories, Charlie grew up immersed in the true essence of country music. His early influences were deeply rooted in his Texan heritage, and this was reflected vividly in the heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching tales that his songs narrated.

Charlie kicked off his musical career in the 1990s, painting the authentic picture of Texan life through his music. His debut album, "Bandera," was released in 1996 and served as a testimony to his deep connection with his hometown. However, it was the 1998's "Life of the Party" that truly placed him on the map, bringing a fresh and exciting energy to the country music landscape of the time.

Over the years, Charlie graced the world with albums such as "Good Times" (2004) and "Beautiful Day" (2009), where he continued to delve into the depths of human experiences, drawing from personal narratives and weaving them into poetic masterpieces. He held the uncanny ability to narrate everyday tales with an intricacy that resonated with a wide spectrum of listeners.

Beyond the music, Charlie was a loving father and a pillar of strength and inspiration to his family. His relationships and experiences were often reflected in his music, offering an intimate peek into the life he cherished.

Robison was also known for his philanthropic endeavors. He consistently gave back to his community, nurturing aspiring artists and supporting various charitable causes. His impact on the music industry went far beyond his remarkable discography; he fostered a community of musicians and fans alike, creating a space where stories could be shared and celebrated through music.

As the world mourns the loss of a Texan treasure, we remember Charlie Robison not just for his captivating music but for the warm, resilient, and vibrant spirit that he was. His narrative style of songwriting, deeply entrenched in real experiences, continues to resonate, reminding us to find the beauty in the mundane and the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Though Charlie has embarked on his final journey, his music remains, echoing in the hills of Texas, in the heartbeats of his loved ones, and in the souls of the countless individuals touched by his artistry. He leaves us with a rich tapestry of songs, each one a thread in the grand narrative of a life well-lived, a testament to a man who embraced every nuance of the human experience with open arms and a hearty smile. Rest in peace, Charlie Robison, the poet of the plains, the voice of Texas. You are missed, but your melody carries on, immortal in the gentle southern wind.

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