Alex Collins

August 26, 1994

28 Year(s)

August 13, 2023



A Legacy of Determination and Skill: In loving memory of Alex Collins, a force on the football field and a gentle soul off it.


Alex Collins, born on August 26, 1994, was an American football running back whose athletic prowess, dedication, and enthusiasm for the game left an indelible mark on the sport.

Starting his career at the University of Arkansas, Collins became known for his agility and strength on the field. His relentless determination led him to the NFL, where he played for teams like the Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens.

Collins's playing style was characterized by powerful runs, intuitive plays, and an unbreakable spirit that endeared him to fans and teammates alike. Off the field, he was known for his philanthropy, engaging personality, and a love for his family and community.

A lover of Irish dance, Collins was a multifaceted individual who explored passions beyond the football field. His commitment to his craft, coupled with his affable nature, made him a beloved figure in the sporting community.

Tragically, Alex Collins passed away on August 13, 2023. He leaves behind a legacy that transcends football, reflecting a life filled with passion, integrity, and kindness. His memory will live on, inspiring athletes and non-athletes alike, for generations to come.

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